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Natural Tips For Insomnia

There are a number of ways you can help yourself get better sleep without the need for medications. Kita talks about some of the natural methods that can help along with herbs and tea...

Health Benefits Of Rooibos

Kita talks about Rooibos, where it comes from, and how good it is for you. It has all the benefits of green tea without the caffeine...and then some...

Tea 101

Kita gives a basic introductory explanation of where green, black, white, and oolong teas come from...

Tea For Hair Growth Pt. 2

Kita gives more detail about the herbs and lifestyle factors that can help improve the health of your hair skin and nails...

Tea For Anxiety Pt. 2

Kita talks about the herbs and strategies that can help to reduce anxiety. While the herbs and tea are effective, it's always great to learn some additional ways to calm down.

Tea For Brain & Memory Pt. 2

Herbs and teas for brain and memory

Kita follows up on Nick's video about herbs and teas for brain and memory. She gives a more detailed description of the herbs involved and how they help you.