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Guilt-Free Indulgence Tea Collections

The Guilt-Free Indulgence Collections Include: 

A selection of hand-crafted teas to uplift, calm and heal. Each box contains 5 tea pouches (3 servings per pouch) along with our most popular stainless steel tea steeper, and a packet of honey sticks.

Happiness: Find your happy place sipping blends of sweet and refreshing teas that encourage optimism, invite peace, boost energy and promote confidence.

The teas included in the Happiness Box: Blueberry Thrill, Happy Place, Joyful Garden, Tigger & Pu, Ultra Violet


Relaxation: Relax and unwind with a carefully curated collection of teas crafted to relax the body, soothe the spirit, and enhance sleep

The teas included in the Relaxation Box: Daily Calm, Hug in A Mug, Lush Lavender, Nitey Nite, Zen AF


Total Wellness: Love your body with a selection of teas that detoxify, promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, and nourish your heart and brain

The teas included in the Total Wellness Box: Detox Chai, I Heart Pomegranates, Inflammation Relief, Lemon Punch, Stomach Soother

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