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Nettle Leaf, 100 ct.

Freeze Dried Nettles have a reputation for helping reduce the symptoms of hay fever and seasonal allergies. This particular product is made from the fresh, freeze dried leaf of the common nettle plant; the antihistamine action is not something that happens when you drink nettle tea, and here is the reason for that. In its fresh state, nettle leaves and stems are covered with fine hairs that produce a stinging and/or itching sensation when it comes into contact with the skin. Oddly enough, it's those stinging hairs that help provide relief from allergies, and those are only available when the plant is fresh, or when preserved through freeze drying. When nettle leaves are air dried, all the benefits from the stinging hairs dissipate. Nettles don't help everyone with allergies, but for those people who do respond to it, it's a lifesaver. 

Nettles has other health benefits:

  • They're loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Nettles are considered to be in the class of herbs called alteratives (no, I did not forget the letter "n"), a broad category of botanical good buddies that produce a gradual and beneficial effect on body and mind. 
  • Want to grow thicker, healthier hair? Add nettles to your daily regime.
  • Nettles in freeze dried form and tea support the health of the kidneys and are naturally diuretic
  • An herbalist friend of mine described nettles as a "hug from the inside"


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