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Top 10 Benefits of Being a Loose Leaf Tea Market Brand Ambassador

October 21, 2018 2 Comments

Top 10 Benefits of Being a Loose Leaf Tea Market Brand Ambassador


Here at Loose Leaf Tea Market, we’re always looking for new ways to serve the community. We’re rolling out our new LLTM Ambassador Program that will allow you to help others get healthy while earning free money! If you love tea, social media, and sharing your favorite products, you can earn unlimited supplemental income and save money on your favorite Loose Leaf Tea Market teas. In addition, if you own a wellness or lifestyle business, the LLTM Ambassador Program can help you to supplement your offerings. In this article, we’re sharing ten ways in which this program can benefit you!


1. Help people solve common health challenges, naturally.


It’s natural to want to help our loved ones through common challenges like headaches, stomach aches, stress, or colds, but looking at ingredients or warning labels on commercial medicines can make you want to run for the hills. Loose Leaf Tea Market offers safe, effective herbal remedies to common problems that address root cause issues and often leave people healthier than they were before their problems started. As a LLTM Ambassador, you’ll have the ability to help people feel better with peace of mind, knowing that the remedies you offer are safe.   


2. Benefit the planet.


Most commercial teas are heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides that not only damage your body, but hurt the environment. In addition, most tea bags are not biodegradable and are a major source of ocean pollution, deforestation, and greenhouse gasses. As a LLTM Ambassador, you’ll be promoting the organic loose-leaf tea that not only cuts down on waste from commercial tea bags, but helps promote sustainable, fair-wage farming practices. Who could say no to that?


3. Get free samples of tons of teas.


Have you ever walked into Loose Leaf Tea Market, and wanted to try just about every tea on the shelf? Well here is your chance: as a LLTM Ambassador, you’ll get loads of yummy samples- on us. Then, you can share the ones that you love best and earn free money!


4. Save money on tea, plus get access to exclusive sales.


As a LLTM Ambassador, you get discounts on tea year-round, plus special Ambassador-only sales events. Now you can stock up on both your essentials and new novelty teas, guilt-free.


5. Promote preventative wellness amongst your loved ones and community.


If you’re super passionate about finding ways to fight preventable, degenerative health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and digestive disorders, you’ve come to the right place. Loose Leaf Tea Market teas are an ideal way to help people live longer, healthier lives. As a LLTM Ambassador, you’ll be part of the global health revolution with products that you can 100% stand behind.



6. Give your customers a nice discount.


Unlike many multi-level marketing schemes, which drastically mark up their prices in order to pay many levels of middle men, the LLTM Ambassador program offers a 10% discount to your customers on our regular prices, encouraging them to shop through you.


7. Boost your social media content.


If you’re always looking for new things to feature on your social media, or accessories to make your photos look nice, being a LLTM Ambassador gives you a great way to do it, while making money! Our teas look excellent in food photographs, and there are tons of ways to show off your love of teas and herbs by featuring your healthy lifestyle!


8. Be an expert and raise awareness about the benefits of herbs.


Being a LLTM Ambassador is a great way to learn about the world of herbs, and how plants can help you. And if you love sharing your knowledge and giving advice, you’ll have even more to share!


9. Boost your resume, or grow your current wellness or lifestyle business.


As a LLTM Ambassador, you’ll be able to grow your career- whether you are looking for better job opportunities or are a wellness entrepreneur. Being an Ambassador shows leadership, initiative, and a desire for giving back- all of which boost your resume. And if you work for yourself (or want to), you’ll have a wide variety of products to share with your clientele that will create sustainable revenue for you.


10. Make unlimited money.


You will get a whopping 15% of every sale you make- with no maximum. You’ll get paid once a month, and we’ll PayPal the cash straight to your inbox! This could mean a lot more freedom for you! It’s a simple and fun way to earn more dough without being locked in a cubicle, on your own time. It’s the perfect side-hustle!



If all this sounds good to you, you might be wondering how to get started. Just email, and send links to your social media profiles (any network or email list). All we ask are the following:


  • You must love tea! This can be of any kind: herbal, black tea, green tea, chai, etc.
  • Loose Leaf Ambassadors promote tea as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Your profile should demonstrate leadership in healthy, happy living.
  • You must have a positive, uplifting social media presence.
  • You must have a robust and engaged following of 250+ real people- no bots or paid followers.
  • Your posts should be free from the following: profanity; nudity; drug use, abuse, or addiction; hate speech; violence or gore; racism, sexism, bullying, or other forms of discrimination, including religious or ethnic discrimination.


We hope you’ll join us, and we look forward to helping you do all of the above!

2 Responses

Charles Reed
Charles Reed

August 03, 2020

I remember the days, when my parents or grandparents use to make sun tea, though I never knew what the sun had to do with it. All I knew was, in a hot summer day, a glass if ice tea was refreshing. I would like to know more about how to become an ambassador with your company and learn more about the health qualities that tea can provide. Signed: Charles Reed

Denise Stefanisin
Denise Stefanisin

October 22, 2018

I’m interested in becoming a Tea Brand Ambassador! I really enjoy drinking tea and have benefited from teas’ healing properties. I also love to cook with teas! I have over 900 Instagram followers, @denisestef and over 1,0000 LinkedIn followers.

Thank you, Denise Stefanisin

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