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Fun Facts, Deep Thoughts, And My Undisputed Opinions About Your Hair

August 20, 2017

Fun Facts, Deep Thoughts, And My Undisputed Opinions About Your Hair


What do monkeys, Chuck Norris, Vikings and you all have in common? You've all got hair. And I've got some facts and undisputed opinions about that. A whole list of 'em. Oh yeah, and I can tell you how its possible to make yours grow faster.

It's normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. So if you were in a room with 100 people for 24 hours, its possible there are 5,000 to 10,000 hairs floating around. Now that’s what I call a “hairy situation.”

Most human body hair, on most people, is too light and fine to be seen. But we have the same density of hair as a chimpanzee. That’s why you’re not aware of the 5,000 to 10,000 hairs floating around in the room with 99 of your closest friends.

Your hair actually grows in stages. It sprouts, rests, and falls out. Your follicles rotate through these stages at different times so you always appear to have a full head of hair. And at any given time, about 10% of your hair is resting.

Good circulation improves hair growth. So herbs and teas that increase circulation can be helpful.

The only hair on your body that is still living tissue is actually inside your skin.

Your hair contains signs of everything that’s been in your blood stream. Even your tea!

Fortunately your hair does not contain your browser history.

Only about 1% of the human population has red hair. And 2% are actual true blondes. The rest of us are in love with red heads and/or blondes.

Blondes literally have more hair on their heads than people with other hair colors. Red heads have the least.

A single strand of hair lasts about 5 years on average before it falls out and winds up in someone’s soup at a restaurant.

Hair keeps your head warm because you don’t have much subcutaneous fat under your scalp.

Hair also protects your scalp from the sun.

Chuck Norris has never had a bad hair day.

 Chuck Norris

Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on humans.

If a man never shaves his face, over the course of his life, his beard would grow as long as 30-35 feet. The scientific term for that is mega-beard.

The term “hairy situation” is thought to be of Army origin. It seems to come from the fact that scary situations make your hair stand on end. This is the result of the follicles contracting from tension rising in the body.

Running out of tea can be quite a “hairy situation.” The stress of that can make your hair fall out.

I just learned that the term “hairbrained idea” is actually properly spelled “harebrained idea.” I thought the term referred to having a dumb idea because you have hair on your brain. But actually it refers to the stupid behavior of hares (rabbits) during mating season. Who knew?

Two hares with well groomed hair.

He Shou Wu is a Chinese herb that is famed to help restore color back to greying hair.

Male pattern baldness is typically caused by changes in the prostate that cause the production of dihydrotestosterone. There is no known treatment for this. However, men can accelerate their hair growth with good nutrition and increased circulation.

Female hair loss is often related to hormonal changes or thyroid issues. Otherwise, it is often related to nutrition. That’s why Love My Hair tea works so well. It provides critical nutrition that helps hair and nails grow.

When your hair is wet, it’s elasticity increases. It can actually be stretched as much as 30% more than normal without breaking.

Hair is virtually indestructible. Water can’t break it down so it clogs up your drain. It’s even unaffected by many types of corrosive chemicals.

Hair is strong! The average full head of hair can hold as much as 24,000 pounds. That’s 2 elephants, 10 cars, or 7,680,000 servings of Love My Hair tea!

But just one single strand of Superman's hair can hold 1,000 lbs!

Superman's hair

The ancient Egyptians were the first culture to start removing unwanted hair. All while managing to build some of the most magnificent and mysterious structures known to man. (And inventing the first emojis.)

In Medieval times it was considered masculine to have long hair because it showed that you had the means and nutrition available to grow and maintain it.

I think that Vikings had long hair because heavy hard metal helmets in zero degree weather is not exactly a luxury. Hair helps keep heat in and softens the feel of the hard metal helmet.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t grow a beard until 1860. He grew it because an 11 year old girl told him his looks might scare people off from voting for him. So he grew a beard. After he was elected he made a point to personally visit her.

80s Hair Metal Rules!

The person with the world’s longest hair is a Chinese woman named Xie Quiping. She’s listed in the Guiness Book Of World Records with a head of hair that’s 18 feet long. She also has a very strong neck and a gigantic shampoo budget.

Your hair cells have extremely high metabolisms and divide really fast. So they need lots of oxygen and circulation. That’s why herbs and teas that improve circulation can help, along with herbs and teas that provide critical nutrition.

I actually don't really care that much about your hair, I like you for you. But if you want to learn more about how Love My Hair can help your hair grow...please continue on.

Female hair loss, thinning, split ends, and/or breaking can be related to hormonal changes or thyroid issues. Otherwise, it is often related to nutrition. That is the time that Love My Hair works so well. It provides critical nutrition that helps hair and nails grow.

Combine Love My Hair with An Elephant Never Forgets and you have a very powerful combination of herbs that improve circulation and increase nutrition. That's what makes happy hair.

Learn more about Love My Hair.

Learn more about An Elephant Never Forgets.

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